We Are Back!

After a long time away JDmixer257 and I (JMan) have decided to start making videos again together! We stopped a few years ago because we were both very busy with many things one of those things being school. We are both graduating this year so we have decided to start making videos this summer! But between now and then we will be making little short Vine like clips for your entertainment!

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Download Our Podcast on iTunes

Hey guys, JMan here! I know its been a while but I have some great news! Remember a while back we released our Bacon video in audio or podcast form? Well that podcast is now on iTunes! so you can download it straight to your iPhone and listen to it anywhere and everywhere!

I hope to upload the other videos in audio form sometime in the future so go subscribe to the podcast so you are notified when I do!

Download The ORL Podcast TODAY!

Upcoming Stuff

So that was the end of our Random Videos so whats next? Well we are not sure…although we might have an announcement at the first of the year! You’ll just have to wait and see! But im sure there will be at least a few posts before then! Just keep checking back!

Our Random Lives Team 

Up Next

Hey guys its JMan, so tomorrow is the last of the main videos we made. So starting the following Monday we will start releasing little posts explaining our (my) feelings on the main videos we did. Just like a few paragraphs explaining what thought was put in the video and topic and how it turned out. That will be once a week on Monday starting in a week and starting with the first video!

Thanks guys for reading please share this blog with your friends and come back again!

Im out of here dog!


Blog Update….Again!

Hey Guys its JMan once again and ive been doing some thinking. As i was getting all the ringtones ready i was thinking about changing the video posts to once a week! and also sometime during the week post a ringtone, so you get a video and a ringtone every week for a while! How does that sound? good? Good you can look or a video later today!

Thanks Guys!


Im out of here dog!

Blog Update

Hey Guys, Its JMan! i just wanted to update you here on our website/blog, on May 22nd of 2013 is when we published our last video we did together so on May 22nd this year i will start posting our past videos here on the blog once a month! Hope you guys will like that!

Until Next Time,


I’m out of here dog!

The New ORL Website!

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Hey Guys! we have redone our blog/website to look more like a website! we had a website before but when we stopped making YouTube videos we took it down and now here we are again with a website! We are excited to be able to share with you all the stuff in “Our Random Lives” and hopefully we can blog more and make some videos! please poke around on the site and make sure to follow us on all our social networks and follow our blog! Please tell your friends to check out our website!

Our Random Lives 24/7 Team

Random Post Ideas

Hey Guys, JMan here! I’m giving you guys a chance to take a part of Our Random Lives by giving us Random topics, it could be an idea for a random video or all about it on the blog here. what i want you to do is either email us (ourrandomlives247@gmail.com) or comment on this post, i might make a video about it so you can post it there too if i do. JDmixer257 and I have just been busy with School and work that we haven’t got a chance to make a video but hopefully that will change soon! I’m excited about this blog, i want ORL to be more then just random videos cause by the name its not really limited by just videos i mean it is “Our Random Lives” so its whatever is in our lives so that can be a lot of stuff (Videos, Blog, Photos etc..) so please support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel and Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter and of course following this blog! Thanks guys and hope to talk to you soon!


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