About The Video: Math


Here is the last of the monthly long videos we made, Math. If you have watched this video, at the time we didn’t know it was gonna be our last video but soon after that we both just got busy with stuff and couldn’t do it anymore. The Math video came just randomly right before we made the video and well the video isnt really about math at all. One thing we did differently that we hadnt done before is we used one of the truth or dare submissions we got and did it. We took a heavy object and it was a Math book and JD dropped it on his foot! Really there isnt much to say about this video, I do miss doing these videos with JD but i guess we just moved on.

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And that is it for the video archives, we will post an update post a week from now telling you all thats next!

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About The Video: Fools


Fools, because thats what we are right? haha just kidding. Fools was released on April Fools Day! We actually pre-recorded this one a while before and so let me tell you about it. We were gonna make another video the day we recorded it and we started to, then the camera we were using just turned off on us. So we were like lets just make a few videos for the upcoming months, well that didnt work either. So we just pre-recorded a video for April Fools Day! JD actually had the file and and uploaded it and he did one thing that i didnt know about which ill tell you in a minute. First thing we did was we wanted to switch places (me be JD and JD be JMan) so we sent photos of what the other person should were prior to the video. Second thing we did was switch spots, (JMan on the right and JD on the left) which if you actually watch the video youll see thats true, I flipped the thumbnail around. We also pulled a few pranks (which we knew about before) on each other. One thing that JD did before he uploaded it which i didn’t know till i watched it was he raised our voices higher. Its a pretty funny video and you should go watch it!

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We only have 1 more video archive next week so be sure to check that out!

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About The Video: Waffles


Waffles, I cant really say much about this video because i didn’t make it and i wasn’t there. All i know is i found it really really funny, I watched it maybe 2 or 3 times the night it was released. I was busy just like JD was busy the month before so he had to do a video by himself like i had to the month before. Recently i tried to get JD’s thoughts on it and all he said was “I was tired the whole time”. Funny how it was only the next month after i had to make one myself that he had to do the same. Really the only thing i can tell you is just watch it and come back and leave your opinion on this post below!

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Thats all for the video archives, we only have 2 more videos to review!

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About The Video: Games


Games, this video I actually did myself because JD was busy or i was busy and we just couldn’t get together to make a video, but we promised a video every month so we did it. Honestly I don’t know why I chose games, JD actually usually came up with the random topics and I just go along with it so it was hard making a video by myself. The song in this video wasn’t good at all but I tried. I’m not sure if i got off the topic of games at all, which didn’t make it as interesting as the other ones. Lets just say not one of my best videos but it was okay! Its still interesting in some way! But yeah that’s what happens when you get half a comedy duo haha

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Well that’s it for today for the video archives i hope you enjoyed it and come back next time!

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About The Video: Puppies



Puppies, this one of those topics that we came up at the last minute and just kinda went into it blind. Like a minute before we started the video i pulled some dog facts on my iPod and JD had some books on his shelf he pulled out during the video but that was about it. We both have dogs so its not like we didn’t know anything about dogs but i guess we just weren’t prepared for the topic. I think this video was alright. Not one of our best but it was still good! We actually had a timer so that our video didn’t end up going for a long time and it wasn’t suppose to make a noise but it did and you can hear it in the video! Theres not much to say about this video, not much story behind it!

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That’s it for the video archives for this time! See you next time!

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About The Video: Planking


Planking, our forth video.  What can i say about this video, it was about Planking, Bradying and Tebowing. We also got off on some random topics about cheese, prank calling, and My Little Pony, because JD was wearing a Brony snapback. Okay so we were gonna make a video that was gonna take 24 hours, really cool video idea but we decided not to for certain reasons. I like this video because the intro was different and we had fun playing with Google! somewhere in the video we had to cut the video, you’ll just have to find where! This video was fun to make!


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That’s it for this week in the Video Achieves. Stay tuned soon for another post just like this!


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About The Video: Cars



So this was the third video we did just a month after Bacon and i guess we remembered to do an accent because we had a weird accent in this one, i’m not even sure how to explain this one. But the topic was cars and i think the only reason we picked this topic was because we came up with the song for the video before hand, which was a parody of “Baby” by Justin Beiber, which in the video JD says Prodigy or something like that. We got off topic a few times talking about YouTube views and stuff like that, I believe JDmixer said that this is his favorite video we have done. I realize the lighting was pretty bad. We did a “Before” and “After” scenes for this video, we never remembered to do it after that, and if we did we decided not to use it. I think this video was fun!

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Well that’s all for the video archives for this week!

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About The Video: Bacon


Bacon! Everyone loves bacon! 4 months after we made Paunts we decided to make another video and we came up with Bacon! I’m not sure what brought it up. JDmixer came over to my house (JMan) and made another video, i don’t know if it was then that we had decided to start making videos like this regularly or if it was the next one but this is actually one of my personal favorites. For some reason though we forgot to use an accent. We had decided to use accents to make it funnier but we forgot. And you know after I think about it, we did decide to make a video once a month by this video! But at this point i think we wanted to call the series “Our Interesting Lives“, it was a working title haha

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Thanks guys for reading this about the video archives!

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About The Video: Paunts


So this video was our first video, the video that made us want to make these videos. It was me (JMan) and JDmixer and i was staying at his house and we stayed up all night playing video games, watching movies and stuff like that. So in the morning we went down to the gas station and got some energy drinks. When we got back we thought we should make a video, some where we came up with this idea to use this accent and say pants like paunts, lack of sleep i guess. Really we just winged it, the entire video was us talking about the first thing that popped in our heads related to pants, well and other random stuff. So we uploaded it to JDmixer’s YouTube page and about 6 months went by and it had a decent amount of views on it, then i decided and this was after several videos we had done that we should make a separate channel for “Our Random Lives”. I will stop the story there until we get closer to the time to share all that!

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