About The Video: Fools


Fools, because thats what we are right? haha just kidding. Fools was released on April Fools Day! We actually pre-recorded this one a while before and so let me tell you about it. We were gonna make another video the day we recorded it and we started to, then the camera we were using just turned off on us. So we were like lets just make a few videos for the upcoming months, well that didnt work either. So we just pre-recorded a video for April Fools Day! JD actually had the file and and uploaded it and he did one thing that i didnt know about which ill tell you in a minute. First thing we did was we wanted to switch places (me be JD and JD be JMan) so we sent photos of what the other person should were prior to the video. Second thing we did was switch spots, (JMan on the right and JD on the left) which if you actually watch the video youll see thats true, I flipped the thumbnail around. We also pulled a few pranks (which we knew about before) on each other. One thing that JD did before he uploaded it which i didn’t know till i watched it was he raised our voices higher. Its a pretty funny video and you should go watch it!

Watch Fools

We only have 1 more video archive next week so be sure to check that out!

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