About The Video: Cars



So this was the third video we did just a month after Bacon and i guess we remembered to do an accent because we had a weird accent in this one, i’m not even sure how to explain this one. But the topic was cars and i think the only reason we picked this topic was because we came up with the song for the video before hand, which was a parody of “Baby” by Justin Beiber, which in the video JD says Prodigy or something like that. We got off topic a few times talking about YouTube views and stuff like that, I believe JDmixer said that this is his favorite video we have done. I realize the lighting was pretty bad. We did a “Before” and “After” scenes for this video, we never remembered to do it after that, and if we did we decided not to use it. I think this video was fun!

Watch Cars

Well that’s all for the video archives for this week!

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