About The Video: Paunts


So this video was our first video, the video that made us want to make these videos. It was me (JMan) and JDmixer and i was staying at his house and we stayed up all night playing video games, watching movies and stuff like that. So in the morning we went down to the gas station and got some energy drinks. When we got back we thought we should make a video, some where we came up with this idea to use this accent and say pants like paunts, lack of sleep i guess. Really we just winged it, the entire video was us talking about the first thing that popped in our heads related to pants, well and other random stuff. So we uploaded it to JDmixer’s YouTube page and about 6 months went by and it had a decent amount of views on it, then i decided and this was after several videos we had done that we should make a separate channel for “Our Random Lives”. I will stop the story there until we get closer to the time to share all that!

Watch Paunts!

Until next time and next video in the video archives!

Our Random Lives  24/7


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