Random Post Ideas

Hey Guys, JMan here! I’m giving you guys a chance to take a part of Our Random Lives by giving us Random topics, it could be an idea for a random video or all about it on the blog here. what i want you to do is either email us (ourrandomlives247@gmail.com) or comment on this post, i might make a video about it so you can post it there too if i do. JDmixer257 and I have just been busy with School and work that we haven’t got a chance to make a video but hopefully that will change soon! I’m excited about this blog, i want ORL to be more then just random videos cause by the name its not really limited by just videos i mean it is “Our Random Lives” so its whatever is in our lives so that can be a lot of stuff (Videos, Blog, Photos etc..) so please support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel and Like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter and of course following this blog! Thanks guys and hope to talk to you soon!



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