We Are Back!

After a long time away JDmixer257 and I (JMan) have decided to start making videos again together! We stopped a few years ago because we were both very busy with many things one of those things being school. We are both graduating this year so we have decided to start making videos this summer! But between now and then we will be making little short Vine like clips for your entertainment!

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Download Our Podcast on iTunes

Hey guys, JMan here! I know its been a while but I have some great news! Remember a while back we released our Bacon video in audio or podcast form? Well that podcast is now on iTunes! so you can download it straight to your iPhone and listen to it anywhere and everywhere!

I hope to upload the other videos in audio form sometime in the future so go subscribe to the podcast so you are notified when I do!

Download The ORL Podcast TODAY!

Upcoming Stuff

So that was the end of our Random Videos so whats next? Well we are not sure…although we might have an announcement at the first of the year! You’ll just have to wait and see! But im sure there will be at least a few posts before then! Just keep checking back!

Our Random Lives Team